Intend2Lead - Empowering Intention...Empowering PossibilitiesAt Intend2Lead, we believe in the power of feedback. We believe that each of us needs feedback to thrive as a leader.

When you become intentional about soliciting and utilizing feedback, you foster trust in your relationships with your team and your clients.

Think about those you have worked for during your career … What was different in those relationships where feedback was flowing freely both ways? Think about how much time you saved. Think about how much learning you gained.

If someone you worked for was not receptive to feedback, how did that impact your view of them as a leader? Think about how that affected your ability to be open and direct with that person.

If you truly want to truly inspire and influence others, feedback matters.

Soliciting feedback sends a message that your perspective on what is working or not working is not the only one.”

Soliciting feedback in positive ways also models that very behavior for the rest in your organization. Feedback empowers. 

Sarah and I are excited about continuing this feedback discussion in future posts. We look forward to challenging you to use feedback as a valuable tool in your leadership growth.

We also know that to continue the conversation on feedback and other leadership topics, we need your help.

Sarah and I created the Leading Possibilities blog to empower you to see what is truly possible in your life when you become more intentional. We want this to serve as a valuable resource for you. And to do that well, we need your ideas. We need to hear about your challenges. We need your direct feedback.

What can we do to make this blog more meaningful to you?

What specific topics or challenges would you like us to address?

We know others can learn from your challenges. They can learn from your feedback … but only if you share it.

Please share your ideas and feedback by sending an e-mail to

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