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How are your energy levels these days?

Unlike time, which is a limited resource, your energy is an infinite resource. With conscious and consistent intention, you can renew and expand your energy.

Start taking care of YOU for a change

Creating new habits takes a lot of energy! That’s why slower, more relaxed times (like Summer) are ideal for learning new things and making positive change.

Ready to kick burn-out to the curb?

If you don’t do something to break the burn-out cycle now, you’ll end up repeating the suffering over and over again. The time to make a change is now.

Here’s how to consciously expand as a leader

Congratulations to those of you who just wrapped up a very busy season!! We understand that many of you spent the past few months feeling overworked and overwhelmed (even if you haven’t technically been [...]

3 ways to tap your growth this Spring

Spring is in the air! Many of you have been in the midst of a long winter. You’ve been working long, hard hours. It’s cold outside. It gets dark early. Now, as we head [...]

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