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What makes Coaching so dang POWERFUL?

We were thrilled to see Coaching make the cover of last month’s Journal of Accountancy! Professional coaching provides a more powerful, customized and innovative approach to leadership development — one that is needed now, more [...]

Want to adopt a growth mindset? Here’s how!

As we explored in Part 1: Want to Succeed? Change your mindset, the mindsets we hold create our reality and results. Psychologist Carol Dweck performed extensive research around a certain set of beliefs and [...]

Want to succeed? Change your mindset

Have you ever failed at something that crushed your confidence? Or, maybe you received feedback that made you doubt yourself? Why is it that some people bounce back quickly from setbacks, while others get [...]

We Stand with the Black Community

At Intend2Lead, we believe our future depends on our capacity to love. It depends on our capacity to choose love instead of fear, to choose possibility instead of scarcity, safety and playing small. The [...]

Shifting from awareness to action

The past few months have provided us an opportunity to enhance our awareness of problems that exist in our individual and shared worlds. When we become aware of existing problems and the possibility of [...]

Why does selling feel so hard?

When I was younger, I held an image in my mind of who a great salesperson was. This person commanded the room. They knew the perfect questions to ask. They always said the right [...]