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Transform your relationship with time

What is your relationship with time? Is it friend or foe? As a busy leader with significant responsibilities, you may see time as an adversary (particularly when you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed). Have you [...]

The secret to selling authentically

If you’re not in the midst of another busy season, you may be shifting your focus to growing new business during this last stretch of the year. If you’re not particularly excited about business [...]

Why does selling feel so hard?

When I was younger, I held an image in my mind of who a great salesperson was. This person commanded the room. They knew the perfect questions to ask. They always said the right [...]

What IS coaching anyway?

Since it’s the Summer of Coaching, let's take a few minutes to explore what coaching actually is…and what it’s not! Coaching is a commonly used term in many different contexts, so it carries many meanings. [...]

The Problem with Problem Solving

Do you feel overwhelmed because you’re always taking care of other people’s problems? Perhaps you can never quite find the time to get your work done during business hours because you’re always helping other people [...]

Stop Solving Everyone’s Problems

As a CPA, I spent many years being a problem solver. As an auditor, my trained tendency was to audit things…to correct and fix them. This habit helped me excel in the technical aspects of [...]

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