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Ready to Be a Healthier Human in 2021?

It all starts with you. The holidays usually provide an opportunity to take time off, refresh ourselves and look forward to the new year. As we move from one year to the next, many [...]

What Makes a Leader Inclusive?

The 2020 election provided many historical firsts for the United States - Kamala Harris is the first woman, the first Black and the first South Asian Vice President Elect. As we celebrate this exciting [...]

The Leaders We Need

How are you feeling these days? The words “heavy” and “hopeful” best describe how we’ve been feeling. We are living in a state of chaos, where nothing is certain – a global pandemic, hurricanes, [...]

What makes Coaching so dang POWERFUL?

We were thrilled to see Coaching make the cover of last month’s Journal of Accountancy! Professional coaching provides a more powerful, customized and innovative approach to leadership development — one that is needed now, more [...]

Want to adopt a growth mindset? Here’s how!

As we explored in Part 1: Want to Succeed? Change your mindset, the mindsets we hold create our reality and results. Psychologist Carol Dweck performed extensive research around a certain set of beliefs and [...]