Leadership Coaching

What is coaching?

Simply put, leadership coaching is an instrument to help you overcome your specific leadership challenges and obtain the new, more meaningful and sustainable results you desire.

During coaching sessions, we use a combination of listening deeply and asking questions that clarify, dig deeper and challenge you to create an environment where you can deepen your learning and make meaningful forward progress. This will help you overcome your challenges and increase your leadership capacity…forever.

Leadership coaching allows you to:

  • Clarify your vision and goals.
  • Uncover what really matters to you.
  • Increase your self-awareness.
  • Practice and evolve your leadership skills.
  • Maximize your positive impact on others.

At Intend2Lead, we honor that each of us is unique. You and your coach will co-create a customized process that clarifies, supports and tracks your desired progress and outcomes.

We provide coaching for individuals or small groups. Click here to explore Individual Coaching and Group Coaching further.

What are the differences between individual and group coaching?

Individual coaching may be a better fit for you or your organization if:

  • An individual has challenges that are particularly complex or multi-layered that require more time, space and individualized attention to dig deeper.
  • An individual’s development goals are not very clear.
  • An individual has trouble opening up to a group of people.

Group coaching may be a better fit for you or your organization if:

  • A group is already aligned around specific developmental goals (for example, a high-potential group of next-generation leaders or a group of women emerging leaders focused on business development).
  • You want to enhance team-building skills such as empathy, relating, networking, and supporting and trusting others.
  • You are looking for opportunities to allow individuals to practice being vulnerable in front of and with colleagues in a safe way.
  • You want to create a sense of togetherness within a particular group in the organization.

Individual Coaching

What is it?

One-to-one coaching provides you space to really dive deep, breakdown your challenges and figure out how to overcome them. Your coaching relationship typically lasts between 6 and 12 months, and your coach’s overriding goal is to support and challenge you to obtain the sustainable results you desire.

To supplement one-to-one coaching, we also offer the following complementary services:

  • 3-way check-in meetings between you, your coach and a sponsor at your organization to provide an additional level of support and accountability within your organization.
  • 360 degree feedback services to facilitate a deeper awareness of how you are perceived by others, your leadership strengths and your developmental needs.

The benefits

Do you know you could be working at a higher level, but don’t feel you have the time or energy to follow through? Perhaps you’re experiencing some pain or missed opportunities. You know more is possible, but you feel so overwhelmed…you may not know where to start.

Coaching allows you to create a sacred space where you can explore deep or complex issues with someone outside of your organization. Is it possible that you could be creating barriers to the success you want? Individual coaching offers you an intimate setting to peel back and explore these issues.

Contact Brian to schedule a complimentary coaching session and discover whether one-on-one coaching could help you reach your goals.

Group Coaching

What is it?

Group coaching is coaching performed in a small group setting for the purpose of enhancing each group member’s development.

This unique small group format promotes cultural change within an organization. The synergy, wisdom, contributions, feedback, encouragement and support from each individual accelerate the learning, growth and attainment of group objectives, as well as individual goals.

Group coaching is a relatively young discipline that is still emerging in the professional world. Its use is less prevalent than individual coaching due to the specialized skill set and deep presence required to coach in a group setting.

We are ambassadors for group coaching in the accounting profession. We believe this rich learning tool accelerates the cultural shift required to meet the challenges our profession faces.

The benefits

For you – Group coaching provides a unique way for you to tackle personal leadership challenges and developmental goals. By doing this in a group setting, you will receive support and challenge from your peers – and they will relate to you.

Not only will you naturally develop your network through the group coaching process, you will learn critical leadership skills necessary for today’s world, including:

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence.
  • Improved confidence when you are able to identify and overcome fear.
  • Relatability to others through empathy.
  • Comfort with vulnerability.
  • Sharing in successes and set-backs.
  • Increased awareness and motivation.
  • Higher levels of flexibility, creativity, accountability and innovation.

Long after the group coaching program is over, you may even find that you are still supporting one another’s development due to the bonds you formed within your group.

For your organization – In addition to making coaching more scalable and accessible for an organization, group coaching promotes:

  • Cross-functional collaboration.
  • Cultural change.
  • Employee retention and engagement.

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