Group Learning

Our group learning services are designed to help your team access the Dimension of Possible…together. Group learning is facilitated to combine the energy, experience and wisdom of individual members to maximize learning for all.

Sessions can be held in-person or virtually (via videoconference or webinar). We appreciate that each group is unique, so we offer various group learning formats to suit your specific needs:

  • For larger groups (10+)
    • Keynote presentations for conferences and events
    • Workshops
    • Webinars
  • For small groups (<10)
    • Group coaching – Leadership coaching for a small group (usually 4-6) to design and create each individual’s desired outcomes. Group members do not need to work together or share the same goals.
    • Team coaching – Group coaching for a team that works together to facilitate their shared goals and objectives.
    • Supervised peer practice groups – Participants practice applying a new skill (e.g., communication or coaching skills) with one another under our supervision and receive real-time feedback.
    • Office hours – Typically offered as a follow-on to a workshop or webinar, participants receive hands-on, practical support for any challenges encountered from applying their newly learned skills.
  • For any size group
    • Facilitated discussions – Discussion is facilitated on a specific leadership topic to help participants uncover their own solutions together, enhancing their understanding and practical application of specific concepts.
    • Innovation Labs – A facilitated, high-energy session designed to spur innovation in a particular area of focus.

We create an environment for group learning to flourish by encouraging participants to:

  • Hold a beginner’s mindset.
  • Assume all the knowledge, resourcefulness, and creativity needed to thrive is already in the room.
  • Grant themselves and one another permission to take risks and play in the Dimension of Possible.
  • Get “naked” with one another by sharing vulnerability in a way that moves everyone forward.
  • Honor and encourage the uniqueness and contributions of one another.

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