We believe your future, and the future of the accounting profession, depends on your capacity to love.

It depends on your capacity to choose love instead of fear, to choose possibility instead of scarcity, safety and playing small.

We are CPAs, and we’ve worked with accountants for many years.

In that time, we’ve noticed most of the accounting profession seems to be motivated by fear. They are too afraid to let go of control and old ways of doing things to let the light of possibility shine through.

We understand.  We’ve been there too.

We also see a lot of brilliant people with big hearts. They want to make a difference. They want to feel more fulfilled. Instead, they feel stuck and dissatisfied. They don’t see how they fit into the traditional model. Sometimes they question whether they fit anywhere at all.

We invite these people, we invite you, to play in the Dimension of Possible. The Dimension of Possible is an elevated place where you see the world differently. Fear is no longer the enemy. In this new dimension:

  • You know you are a unique contribution.
  • Your relationships flourish.
  • Time expands.

In this place, we can be and do anything. We dream big. We play bold. We have the courage to be real. We have fun. We accept who we are in this moment and deeply appreciate who we are becoming. Love reigns.

We want this world of possibility, this place of love for every person we meet. We want this for you.

Through one-to-one coaching, group learning, and innovation labs, we will help you learn to notice when you’re playing small. We will challenge you to live more boldly, to be more vulnerable, to authentically connect with others. We give you permission to dream about what’s possible and work back from that vision, instead of starting from a perspective of limitation and scarcity. We invite you to discover what really matters to you and to bring the big You to what you do, instead of looking to others to tell you what matters.

We will help you find the confidence, faith and freedom required to create your own unique Dimension of Possible.

If this stirs your soul, let’s talk…let’s collaborate.

We need more people who believe what we believe to create a new Dimension of Possible for our profession. Come play with us in the Dimension of Possible!