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Transform your relationship with time


Woo-hoo!!! It’s almost summer!   We hope you can enjoy a more leisurely pace at work and in life this summer, taking your sweet time to savor the summer moments and adjust to life [...]

Transform your relationship with time2021-06-09T16:41:01+00:00

Dread Feedback Conversations? Try Flipping Them Inside-Out


Do you ever dread giving feedback…even when you know it’s important? In the accounting industry, we have a contentious relationship with feedback. Deep down, we know that exchanging feedback, which is simply information regarding [...]

Dread Feedback Conversations? Try Flipping Them Inside-Out2021-05-17T08:06:24+00:00

Coaching cultures are inclusive cultures


We’re excited to hear a lot of talk about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in accounting firms around the world! Yet, the resounding theme we hear is, “This is hard!” Why does DEI feel so [...]

Coaching cultures are inclusive cultures2021-04-07T12:38:04+00:00

DEI Insights from the I2L Innovators Community


We were honored to facilitate another open forum discussion to explore diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) in February 2021 for our I2L Innovators Community. We asked participants to share what their biggest challenges were, [...]

DEI Insights from the I2L Innovators Community2021-04-06T17:04:09+00:00

Why is recovery so critical for leaders?


Happy (almost) Spring!! It’s been a long winter, hasn’t it? We’ve been living with a global pandemic for over a year now. We weathered some of the roughest winter storms last month, particularly in Texas. [...]

Why is recovery so critical for leaders?2021-03-10T12:05:07+00:00

♥ 3 ways to lead with LOVE


Happy Valentine’s Day!! We believe that your future, and the future of business, depend on your capacity to LOVE. Just like technology, humanity is evolving at an accelerated pace. It's time to embrace a more conscious, [...]

♥ 3 ways to lead with LOVE2021-02-08T19:21:02+00:00

How will you lead in 2021?


Welcome to 2021... Let's be honest...After insurrectionists stormed the Capitol and attempted to overthrow the United States government last week, it's fair to say that the New Year got off to a rough start [...]

How will you lead in 2021?2021-01-08T18:07:40+00:00

The One Last Thing on your 2020 To Do List


Let's talk about storms. As we near the end of 2020, we’ve been reflecting on the chaos and struggle of this year. Storms have been raging in 2020, literally (a record-breaking year for natural [...]

The One Last Thing on your 2020 To Do List2020-12-21T09:12:41+00:00

Ready to Be a Healthier Human in 2021?


It all starts with you. The holidays usually provide an opportunity to take time off, refresh ourselves and look forward to the new year. As we move from one year to the next, many [...]

Ready to Be a Healthier Human in 2021?2020-12-22T10:24:17+00:00

What Makes a Leader Inclusive?


The 2020 election provided many historical firsts for the United States - Kamala Harris is the first woman, the first Black and the first South Asian Vice President Elect. As we celebrate this exciting [...]

What Makes a Leader Inclusive?2021-04-06T10:16:54+00:00