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The I2L Coaching Team

We are excited to explore how we can best support you!

We now offer micro-packages of one to four coaching sessions to support you during this challenging time, including:

  • One laser coaching session (up to 50 min) for $299 (to be used within 30 days of purchase)
  • Packages of 2, 3 or 4 sessions (up to 50 min each) for $599-$999 (to be used within 60 days of purchase)

This is the best option for you, if you’re seeking short-term support to work through a specific challenge.

Click here to purchase one of our new micro-packages.

If you’re seeking on-going coaching support with more structure and accountability, contact Brian to explore whether one of our standard leadership coaching packages may be a better fit for you.

Meet the I2L Coaches

Sarah Elliott - Intend2Lead - Empowering Intention...Empowering Possibilities

Sarah Elliott, PCC, CPA

What Sarah’s clients say: 

  • She always understood what I needed in the moment and challenged me to be my best. She has a special talent in connecting with people and inspires trust.
  • She listens to what I share and helps me transform it into insightful and fluid plans of execution that feel authentic to me.
  • She created a platform that allowed me to gain new perspectives and insights and identify opportunities.

Sarah’s bio: Sarah believes the future of the accounting profession depends on our capacity to love. Through one-to-one coaching, group learning and innovation labs, she helps CPAs access the possibility dimension: the place where fear is no longer the enemy. Read More »

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Brian Kush - Intend2Lead - Empowering Intention...Empowering Possibilities

Brian Kush, PCC, CPA

What Brian’s clients say: 

  • Coaching with him helped me identify the true problem, come up with a plan, and finally come up with a way to measure the progress I have made.
  • He helps me clarify my thinking. He asks me questions that get to the heart of what I care about and truly want.
  • Our coaching sessions are really hard and very valuable. I have had to work on me, and I have become a better leader because of that.

Brian’s bio: Brian spent the first 14 years of his career serving as a CPA and consultant at both Ernst and Young and AuditWatch. During that time he realized coaching was the best and most natural way he could support and challenge others. Read More »

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Carri Scuba

Carri Scuba

What Carri’s clients say: 

  • My calls with Carri were life changing. She truly heard me, accepted me, and pushed me to think outside myself.
  • In my 15+ years in Human Resources, I’ve never seen (or experienced) a style of coaching that goes so deep, so fast and delivers such great results.
  • She is leadership personified. She inspired me to live from my essence and my purpose and to reach for more.

Carri’s bio: Carri  is a certified professional coach who helps individuals produce extraordinary results in their professional and personal lives. Through an ongoing partnership, Carri helps her clients get out of their own way and into action.
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Susan Stutzel, CPA

What Susan’s clients say:

  • She actively listens to my concerns and struggles and helps me to see beyond the day to day and explore where I want to be in the future.
  • I leave every conversation feeling empowered and energized. She masterfully listens, consults and encourages to provide clarity and direction.
  • She is such a great listener with the right questions to draw out the best in others.

Susan’s bio: Susan believes that we all have untapped potential, and she thrives in helping others break through barriers and manage priorities in order to live an abundant and meaningful life.
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