People who set goals achieve more than those who do not. That may sound obvious, I know. We know goals are important. And we all remember those times when we achieved an important goal.

You were promoted! You passed the CPA exam! You passed the bar! You passed the CPA exam and the bar! You were accepted to your dream school! You finally made partner! You closed the big deal!

These are certainly personal achievements to be proud of. They probably started with a goal. And they should be celebrated.

But for those who want to lead a cause … For those who want to lead a movement … For those who want to empower others to accomplish more as a group than they could alone … For those who want to, in some small or big way, change the world … For those who really want to lead

Your personal goals are not enough.

Put them aside for a moment, and ask yourself some questions:

  • When you envision creating positive change in the world, change that is most meaningful to you, what do you see?
  • What is the most important movement or cause you want to contribute to?
  • What is the bigger goal, beyond you, that ignites your passion? The goal that cannot be accomplished by you alone?

These questions are intended to help you focus not solely on personal achievement, but on how you want to positively impact the world. When you envision your desired impact ahead of time, you begin to see how you can contribute towards that positive impact.

I admire those who achieve personal goals.

But if you share with me a vision of how you want to impact this world, it is much more likely that I will be inspired. If I really believe in your vision, I become much more enrolled. I become a willing and excited follower!

We want to emulate people we admire. But we want to follow people who inspire us.”

Thomas Jefferson was elected our third President. But as the 4th of July approaches, we are reminded that he also led a movement to manifest a vision of freedom and equality for our country. Being elected President is a tremendous personal achievement, but it was Thomas Jefferson’s vision that inspired a nation.

I’m not suggesting you abandon your personal goals. Instead, I’m suggesting you create them after you have a vision of your desired impact. Then your personal goals will be in alignment with your bigger vision. Your personal goals and achievements will be more meaningful because they are in service to your vision.

Make no mistake about it, nobody forces us to be a leader of positive change. Nobody forces us to create a vision for a better tomorrow. Deciding to step up to be a leader is a choice. The decision to positively impact this world in a way that is bigger than you is a choice. It’s your vision. It’s your choice. Inspire us.

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