Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020 and a brand new decade!! Although there’s some debate about whether or not we just kicked off a new decade, at I2L, we decided it IS a new decade, and we’re excited to help you make it your best one yet!

The decade debate reminds us how arbitrary most things are, and how much power we each have to create our own reality. For example, we started Intend2Lead based off of our shared vision and values, and we’re continuing to make it up as we go! Sure, navigating the unknown can feel a little scary sometimes, but it’s also what makes it so fun!! The unknown is where possibility lives.   

As you know, our mission at I2L is to coach accountants to access the Dimension of Possible, an elevated place where fear is no longer the enemy, and love reigns. In this place, we know we are a unique contribution, our relationships flourish, and time expands.

One of the ways you can access the Dimension of Possible is by embracing a beginner’s mindset.

As accountants, you’re probably used to having all the answers – or at least, feeling like people expect you to have them. The thing is, when we think we know what the answer is, there are no more possibilities available to us. All we see is the answer we think we know. (Besides, isn’t it exhausting to feel like you have to have all the answers, all the time?)

Creating new solutions or ideas – innovating – this happens outside of what we think we know!

This year, why not try a new approach to tackling your challenges? Tap into the power of a beginner’s mindset. Let go of what you think you know (your opinions, experience and preconceptions), and give yourself the freedom to explore your challenges from a completely fresh perspective. Experiment, challenge the status quo, and ask, “Why?”

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life. What could be possible for you in 2020 when you bring the freshness of a beginner’s mindset to this new year?

See you in the DoP,

In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind, there are few.

– Shunryu Suzuki