I2L Peak Performance Challenge

Are you feeling overwhelmed, burned out or low on energy?

Do you want to improve your physical, mental or emotional well-being?

Do you want to feel more in control of your days, expand your energy and sharpen your focus?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, the I2L coaching team is here to support you.

We’ve combined the practical wisdom we’ve gathered over the years (from our own experiences and those of hundreds of our clients) to bring you a simple, powerful program:

The I2L Peak Performance Challenge

This 20-day online program is designed to help you:

  • Overcome burnout and overwhelm
  • Expand your positive energy
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Feel more in control
  • Take better care of yourself

Simply put, we’re here to help you engage more fully with the people and things that matter most, so you can unleash your peak performance potential!

For just $39, you’ll receive 20 simple, powerful ideas each weekday morning, delivered right to your inbox. Each video lesson is less than 5 minutes and comes with a simple assignment to help you apply what you learned to the day ahead. Each day builds on the day before it, so you can create massive shifts by Day 20!

Just think – You could create massive transformation in just 20 days…for less than $2 per day!! 

Our I2L Peak Performance Challenge is now available on demand in the I2L Learning Lab! 

We also offer organizational licenses and pricing – Contact Sarah for more details.

Just think…You could create massive transformation in just 20 days!!

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be exploring during this 4-week program: 

  • Week 1: Your Mental and Emotional Well-being

To create lasting change, we start from the inside-out – with your mindset! We’ll explore the power of purpose, mindfulness, working with stress and more!

  • Week 2: Your Physical Well-being

We’ll focus on how stress impacts the body and learn some foundational ways to nourish your body and create a supportive physical environment.

  • Week 3: Expanding Your Energy

We’ll explore how you can manage your energy (not just your time), so you can consciously expand your capacity to engage more fully with the people and things that matter most.

  • Week 4: Sharpening Your Focus

We’ll share practical ideas to sharpen your focus so you can get more done in less time – and feel better doing it. We’ll celebrate your transformation and explore what comes next in your Peak Performance journey!

Praise for the Peak Performance Challenge!

The I2L Peak Performance Challenge was just what I needed for a positive shift in attitude and organization! Morning reflections and planning for my day improved my time management, productivity and stress levels. I look forward to practicing using these tools often.

The Challenge was structured in a way that allowed me to personalize each daily task. I do not learn the same way as others. This gave me the time to go back and review what was taught in earlier days.

The I2L Peak Performance Challenge re-energized me in a way I didn’t even realize I needed! It helped me focus on me and put myself first. As a result I’m more focused, productive and showing up as my best self.

I love the workbook! I leave it open all day and add notes throughout the day. This helps me integrate the learning, and I’ll have this to go back to later.

The quick, easy to digest nuggets provided were a great way to get started each morning!


Contact us at info@intend2lead.com or 844-275-3868.