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FREE REPLAY – Join Sarah and Brian Kreischer (Managing Partner of Frank, Rimerman + Co) for an AICPA webinar, Creating New Possibilities through a Coaching Culture.

Just imagine what’s possible for your organization when you unlock the latent potential of your people and inspire them to reach new heights!! During this webinar, we will explore how you can create new possibilities for your organization, the people in it and everyone you serve by creating a true coaching culture, including:

  • What coaching is (and isn’t!), and how to distinguish it from other developmental methods.
  • Why and how coaching is such a powerful tool to generate new solutions for the challenges our profession faces.
  • Some ideas for how you can begin to infuse a coaching culture at your organization.

October 20, 2022 – Brian is leading a workshop, Coaching and Feedback, for AGN’s 2022 North America Fall Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ.

Join us to Cultivate Your Own Dream Team, and learn how to unlock the hidden potential in others through coaching and feedback.

November 8, 2022 – Sarah is leading a workshop, Consciously Navigating Conflict, for the Arizona Society of CPAs’ 2022 Converge Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Conflict can feel messy, awkward and scary at times…so much so, that you may find yourself trying to avoid it altogether!

When we choose to consciously navigate conflict, instead of avoiding it, we gain a valuable opportunity to expand our perspectives and can ultimately come to better solutions together.

During this hands-on, interactive workshop, you’ll get to work on a real-life, current conflict you’re facing. Sarah will help you apply a simple, three-step framework to consciously navigate the conflict. Plus, she’ll provide some real-time coaching, so you can walk away with more confidence and curiosity around conflict!

November 14, 2022 – Sarah is presenting It’s Time to Level Up Your Leadership! at Allinial Global’s Summit & Global Forum in Las Vegas, NV.

Change continues to accelerate faster than ever, dramatically shifting the landscape of the accounting profession. The old ways of leadership won’t get us where we want and need to go, so how can you consciously evolve as a leader? In this session we’ll explore practical ways to level up your leadership, starting now. You’ll learn how to cultivate the leadership mindset needed to transform your firm, as well as three primary areas where you can develop skills to become a more conscious leader.

November 16, 2022 – Sarah is presenting a virtual session, Cultivate Your Own Dream Team: Unlock the Hidden Potential in Others, for the Minnesota Society of CPAs’ TAX22 Conference.

We will explore how you can unleash the hidden potential of those you work with to cultivate your very own dream team! Do you ever wonder what the difference is between coaching, mentoring and sponsoring? Sarah will clear up your confusion.

During this engaging, interactive session, she will share a simple, yet powerful, coaching process you can use in the moment to help others become more resourceful and successful (plus you’ll have an opportunity to practice coaching each other!).