Can you believe we’re getting close to wrapping up 2021?

We feel like we’ve been trapped in a time warp these past two years. The days, months and years blend together, and we often find ourselves getting confused as to what happened when, and what month it is.

How are you feeling these days?

Based on what we’re seeing, hearing and experiencing ourselves, it seems like we’ve all been going through many individual and collective challenges. This is a normal part of transition and change, but it can also feel really hard at times.

As a leader, you may think you’re supposed to be on top of your game at all times, confidently encouraging and supporting others with your enduring strength. But, does that even feel real or reasonable to you?

Leading others when you’re struggling

How are you supposed to lead others, when you’re struggling yourself? How can you show up for others, when you aren’t even sure if you can show up for yourself?

We get it. Some days (lots of days?), being a leader feels really hard. But, leadership doesn’t have to be so complicated or hard. In fact, we believe your struggles will help you elevate your leadership. Your struggles make you a more human, real and relatable leader.

The power of vulnerable leadership

As a leader, you can demonstrate strength and courage by sharing your struggles with others. When you take that risk, you connect with others at a deeper level. You build trust. You give others permission to be real about their own struggles. Then, you can learn together. This is the power of vulnerable leadership.

Putting vulnerable leadership into practice

Not sure you’re ready? Or maybe you’re wondering, how the heck can I do that?! Check out our latest episode of Leading Possibilities, where we explore how you can use your struggles to be a better leader.

When things feel hard, and you’re unsure of your path forward, remember this: Your challenges are the path – the only way forward is through.

See you in the DoP,

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