Let’s talk about your mental health.

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month, which is dedicated to raising awareness of those living with mental or behavioral health issues and reducing the stigma so many people experience.

Did you know that burn-out is a mental health issue? People suffering from burn-out are at higher risk for anxiety, depression, distress and an overall lack of motivation and enjoyment of life.

In our experience working with thousands of accountants across the country, we find that over 70% of accountants suffer from burn-out. This is a huge problem for the sustainability of our profession.

If you’ve been suffering from burn-out the last few months, please take a few moments to slow down and reflect before you put busy season behind you and forget all about it.

How did burn-out impact your performance, your leadership and your life?

If you don’t do something to break the burn-out cycle now, you’ll end up repeating the suffering over and over again. The time to make change is now, when you have more time, space and energy to invest in yourself.

How will you invest this time to create healthier habits that help you stay more connected to yourself and others during stressful times?

4 ideas to create healthier habits:

1. Take better care of your basic physical needs.

  • What are you putting into your body? What is the quality of your sleep? How much are you exercising?

2. Nurture your mental health.

  • Consider mindfulness practices, spending more time in nature, and infusing joy into every day.

3. Manage your time better.

  • Be more conscious of the commitments you make. Create focus time to work on challenging tasks. Set up processes to streamline recurring tasks.

4. Set and maintain stronger boundaries.

  • What are your limits? How will you say no when a limit is reached? How will you communicate these boundaries?

Now is the time to support yourself in being a healthier leader and human being.

If this feels hard, we’re here to support you:

  • Check out our latest episode of Leading Possibilities. We talk about the burn-out cycle and how to break out of it now, so you can set yourself up for a better busy season next time.
  • We’re launching a brand new coaching community dedicated to reimagining a healthier leadership model for the accounting profession – the I2L Healthy Leaders Community!! We’re so excited for you to join this community that we’re giving you the first month free!

We can’t wait to see what’s possible for you, your organization and the profession when you kick burn-out to the curb and embrace a healthier career, life and leadership style!

See you in the DOP,