Many of you have been working hard for some time now, as you continue to navigate your way through busy season.

At this point, you may be feeling a bit worn down and tired out. You may be struggling to gather the energy you need to make it through these last few weeks of busy season.

It’s more important than ever to fuel your body and mind. You must nourish yourself to gain the energy you need to get the work done. How can you show up as the leader you really want to be for others, if you’re not feeling physically well – if you’re feeling tired, hungry, and low on energy?

One of the most important ways you can support yourself right now is through nutrition. Yes, you probably know this. Yet, for many of us, eating healthy food that fuels our brains can feel hard when we’re busy and overwhelmed. You may find yourself slipping into a pattern of skipping meals or eating comfort food that isn’t actually nourishing your body. Perhaps you find yourself grabbing “convenient” food that is empty of nutrients. Have you ever had one of those days where you skipped lunch because you were too busy to eat, then find yourself rummaging through the pantry for a sugary or savory snack to give you a boost?

If you could use some help to support yourself right now to make it through this final stretch of busy season, we’ve got your back.

  • Check out our latest episode of Leading Possibilities, where we explore why it feels so hard to make changes when it comes to nutrition, our mindset around eating, and how you can tap into the observer effect to make healthier eating a little easier.
  • During the month of April in our I2L Healthy Leaders Community, we’ll help you create a simple nutrition plan to better fuel your body and mind. Join us this month, so you’ll be ready to jump in on April 1. For only $39/month, you can receive the support, accountability, and connection you need to fuel your performance!

As you work hard to wrap up busy season these next few weeks, remember that you must take care of yourself first. Fuel your body, mind, and spirit, so you can unleash your peak performance and show up as the amazing leader you want to be for the people who need you most!

See you in the DOP,