Happy 2022!

The New Year usually brings with it a strong desire for positive change. After all, the New Year represents a fresh start – it gives us a clean slate to create a better year than ever!

What’s your plan?

What positive change do you want to make this year? How successful have you been in making that change so far?

If you’ve already been making positive progress, congratulations!! Take a moment to savor the benefits of change and celebrate yourself for making it happen.

As the new year gets busier, it gets easier to become distracted or derailed. Why not put some guardrails in place to ensure you continue on this positive path? Create a plan for what you’ll do if you get off-track. Having a “just in case” plan could be the key to making your changes stick for the long haul.

True change takes time

If you’ve noticed yourself slipping back into old patterns already, don’t fret. Give yourself some grace. This is a very real, common aspect of change. It doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong, or that you’ve failed.

Change often feels hard and uncomfortable. It requires you to unlearn old habits and integrate new ones. You’re literally rewiring your brain, and that doesn’t happen overnight.

When making meaningful change, things get messier before they get better. Acknowledging this part of the change process can make the hard parts feel a little easier.

Step by step

When you notice the mind’s desire to revert back to what you know, consciously choose to take a step forward anyway…even when it feels hard, even when it feels uncomfortable! Each time you do, you’ll get a little bit stronger, and it’ll feel a little easier to take that next step.

Big change happens through consistent, small steps.

We know you can do it. And we can’t wait to see what’s possible for you when you do!

See you in the DoP,

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It’s time to think of YOU!

How can you make more time for yourself in 2022? Hint: it’s about putting yourself first, so you can help others! Make more time for you in 2022.