Here’s to YOU!


N o doubt, 2019 has been a whirlwind year for all of us. (We can’t be the only ones feeling that way, right?!) The holidays usually present us with a little bit of down [...]

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The Magic of Being…AFRAID??


It's almost Halloween! Halloween is one of our favorite times of year. It’s all about connecting fear and fun – two things that usually don’t go together, right? Here’s a thought to ponder this Halloween season: Fear [...]

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Why So Serious?


In the accounting industry, we’re taught early on that our jobs are really important…that they matter. Our ethics matter. Our choices matter. We’re protecting the public interest.  We’re told to take our work seriously. [...]

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Accountants Don’t Celebrate Enough


This tends to be the time of year for accounting firms to host “after busy season” parties. Maybe you have one coming soon? The end of busy season is definitely something worth celebrating! But [...]

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Creating a Community of Innovators in Learning and Development


We believe the key to true innovation in the CPA profession is unlocking the potential in each human being through leadership development. To expand our positive impact from an individual, personal level to a [...]

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Naked Leadership


Brian rocked the stage at the Winning is Everything conference in Las Vegas last month during his keynote on Naked Leadership (don’t worry, he kept his clothes on!!)! Now, more than ever, leaders must [...]

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Our Top 10 Books for Accountants


A desire to learn and grow is critical to access the Dimension of Possible. What better time to focus on your personal growth than the holiday season? Before the craziness of busy season arrives, [...]

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I <3 Change!


Sarah and Lindsay had an amazing time at the AICPA's leadership conference for women in the profession last week in New York City! As always, this sold-out event did not disappoint. It was an [...]

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Let’s Get Naked for Halloween!


Congratulations on making it to the other side of the October 15 deadlines! Just like that, Halloween is right around the corner. Personally, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. It's the only time of year where it's socially [...]

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