For many of you, you’re in the thick of your busy season right now. We’re imagining you’re probably experiencing your fair share of challenges, setbacks, and failures this time of year.

No, this doesn’t mean you’re doing it all wrong. It just means you’re learning, adapting and growing. After all, adversity is guaranteed in leadership and life, so how you deal with it makes all the difference.

How do you currently deal with adversity?

  • Do you deny, delay or avoid it, or do you just power right through it?
  • Do you bear the burden on your own shoulders, or do you lean on others for support?
  • How specifically do you support yourself during challenging times?

Resilience is the ability to adapt to or push through adversity. The good news is, no matter how well you currently manage adversity (or not), resilience is an adaptive ability that you can always improve upon.

Think of resilience like a muscle. Each time you work it out, you get a bit stronger. Even if you haven’t worked out in a while, the potential is always there, waiting for you. All you have to do is get started.

Remember, you’re never alone. We’re here to help you improve your ability to weather the tough times.

  • Check out our latest episode of Leading Possibilities, where we explore how you can better navigate challenging times by developing a resilience plan.
  • During the month of March in our I2L Healthy Leaders Community, we’ll help you create a resilience plan in more detail, so you’re prepared to tackle any challenges that lie ahead. Join us this month, so you’ll be ready to jump in on March 1. For only $39/month, you can receive the support, accountability, and connection you need to be more resilient at work and in life!

This month, as you navigate your way through busy season, we encourage you to focus on building those resilience muscles. Each time a challenging situation pops up, it’s another opportunity to work out and get stronger. No matter how it goes, trust that you’ll learn a lot and be a better leader on the other side.

See you in the DOP,