Spring is in the air!

Many of you have been in the midst of a long winter. You’ve been working long, hard hours. It’s cold outside. It gets dark early.

Now, as we head into Spring, we feel hope. Lighter workloads and warmer, brighter days are just around the corner. Doesn’t it feel good?

Spring is our favorite season because it’s full of hope, renewal and growth!

Speaking of growth…We’re big believers in the growth mindset.

Coined by Carol Dweck, the growth mindset is “the belief that your talents can be developed through learning and hard work.”

The growth mindset is essential for great leadership because it allows you to tap into the limitless human potential within yourself and those around you:

  • When you truly believe that every person can learn and grow throughout life, there’s no limit to what’s possible.
  • When you understand that failure and setbacks are part of growth, you can use them to accelerate your learning and improve your processes (instead of letting them defeat you).

How can YOU can tap into the power of growth this Spring?

3 ways to tap into the power of growth:

1. Commit to your own personal growth. 

  • What one thing will you commit to, starting today, to level up your leadership? Perhaps you will intentionally slow down and connect with your team more often, set and maintain stronger boundaries so you can take the necessary space to care for yourself, or simply adopt the growth mindset yourself so you can model it for others.

2. Help someone else grow. 

  • Acknowledge the growth you’ve seen in others. Not only will this boost their confidence, it could inspire them to tackle their next growth opportunity! You could even help them identify their next growth opportunity by asking them the question, “Where do you want to grow next?”

3. Find new ways to grow your business.

  • If you’re not excited about this one, then it’s probably an area for growth! Where could you contribute your unique talents to help your organization grow? Growing your organization doesn’t always have to be about sales and dollars. You could contribute to growth through developing people, creating cultural shifts, and innovating processes. What feels exciting to you?

We can’t wait to see how you grow this Spring!

See you in the DOP,

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